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Current Class Schedule

Monday Tumbling 

Beginner 2 Class:

Intermediate Class:


Advanced Class:


 Power Tumbling Class:

Tuesday  Tumbling 


Wednesday  Tumbling 

Beginner 1

Thursday  Tumbling 

Second class for Intermediate, 
Advanced and Power tumblers


Classes are $50 per month for one class and $75 per month for two classes a week. 

$20 registration per year - per family

Beginner 1 Class:
Skilled required: no previous skills required
Working on: forward rolls, cartwheels, roundoff, back bends, kick overs, and more.

Beginner 2 Class:
Skills required: perfected forward roll and cartwheels, handstand forward roll, back bend, kick over
Working on: back walkovers, front walkovers and more. 

Intermediate Class:
Skills required: perfected back and front walkover (with connections)
Working on back handspring, back handspring passes, aerials and more. 

Advanced 1 Class:
Skills required: all back handspring skills perfected (with connections) 

Working on: roundoff back tuck, aerials, layouts and standing tuck skills and more. 

Power Tumbling Class:
Skills required: all standing back tuck skills and roundoff layout. 

Working on: twisting skills and more.

June 4th - No Class

June 5th - No 4:00-5:00 Class

June 5th - 3:30-4:00 class still on

June 6th - No Class

June 17th - No Class

June 20th - No Class

July 4th - No Class

July 8th - No Class

July 15th No Class

July 16th No Class

July 17th - No Class

July 18th- No Class

July 23rd- No Class

July 24th - No Class

August TBA

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